Register Now by clicking the donate button and enter the amount you would like to donate. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 dolars or any other amount.

After Dark on Friday April the 11th (friday) on this site as well as the NCKFA Facebook site a number between 1-100 will be given out and you will use the Largemouth ID from the Online Tourney print off or just use a index card and write the given number on it as well as your NCKFA Screen Name. You can easily find the number by looking under the Header "Fishing Fools Weekend Magic Number" on the top of all Forum Pages as well as on the Facebook site.
You will then fish for either Largemouth or Smallmouth (or both) over the course of Sat the 12th and Sunday the 13th. You will submit your largest bass (either Largemouth or Smallmouth) to the same place as you would submit your fish for Largemouth Bass in April on the Online Tourney page,
We the NCKFA, have a formula that will convert Smallmouth Length into Largemouth length to even it out so if will be as fair to everyone as it can be. Same rules apply to this as the Online Tourney. You can upgrade your fish anytime over the two days.
Entry is FOR ALL members of the NCKFA to the Fishing Fools weekend, not just the Online Tourney Anglers so anyone can play and win but this is where you will get your Online bonus points for those in the Online Tourney.
Entry fee is going to go like will have the option to pay either 1,5,10,20,50,100 dollars....whatever you would like to pay as it is members appreication weekend and if you want to only pay 1 dollar or, if you want to pay 20 or whatever that is fine but we need you to pay something so we have a record of the entries for what is to follow. For every dollar you donate you will get that many entires to the drawing listed below and raise money for JDRF.
There will be prizes and Trophies for the top 3 anglers but what we are very excited about is taking the funds raised and suppoting JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) again this year.
The top 3 Prizes and will be list as soon as we have then secure but again the point is to support JDRF which is a very special charity to Jim Leisy and here is a letter from him regarding the idea behind the event and special thanks to Jim who made this possible!

1st place --- Accent Transformer paddle
2nd place ---Astral Ronny PFD
3rd Place--- EGO Kayak Fishing Net

Raffle Prize which is based on a drawing from all entries: 7ft Stick It Pin

Dear NCKFA Members,

For those of you that know how life changing Type 1 diabetes can be to someone just starting out, we at NCKFA are happy to be part of the team in the search for better treatments, diagnosis, and one day a cure for this devastating disease. Please check out their website at

Well, one of the many ways to benefit your health when living with diabetes is to exercise. So what a better way to introduce kayaking and kayak fishing to the many families with children that have Type 1 diabetes.

This year we will be donating all the proceeds from the Fishing Fools Weekend to JDRF. So I hope that this will encourage you to increase your donations to the Fishing Fools weekend which will benefit you with a higher chance of winning prizes and at the same time benefit children and families dealing with juvenile diabletes. It is a win-win for us all.

Nest year, we have planned to have a special NCKFA/JDRF kayak fishing paddling event here in Raleigh during a nice weekend in May. There are more details to follow on this event but we hope to have it as a yearly event for us.

We are very fortunate to have such a large membership in NCKFA that have given alot of time and support to many other charities that we are involved with throughout the year. We thank you all for your continued generosity. We hope that you share in these causes as another way that NCKFA can reach out to support the community as we promote this great activity of kayak fishing throughout North Carolina.


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