NCKFA Smallmouth Slam (Total of your best 3 Smallmouth)
August 27th 2016
Starts at 6:30 a.m. and ends at 8:00 p.m.
Entry Fee is $40.00
First Place is a Wilderness System Tarpon 130X with a MSRP of $1,469.00
Second and Third Place Prizes will be awarded as well.

Photo entries will be scored on NCKFA Forum heading under Smallmouth Slam or can be emailed to  All photos must be submitted by 8:30 p.m. on August 27th. Late submissions will not be scored so plan accordingly if you are fishing an error with spotty access to the internet.

Just like all NCKFA Tournaments the following rules apply:

1) You must be a NCKFA member to participate in the tournament. Registration for the NCKFA is free.
2) Your NCKFA screen name must be visible on your identifier that will post to the NCKFA website on August 26th. You, the angler, are responsible for printing/ writing your NCKFA screen name (legibly) on your identifier.
3. The tournament identifier must be in all photos and your screen name must be clearly visible.
4. All fish must be taken with rod and reel in waters that a NC fishing license is recognized.
NOTE* All fish must be taken in a SPORTING MANNER! NO FISHING IN PAY STOCKED TROUT/CARP etc. . NCKFA has right to DQ any fish not caught in SPORTING MANNER.
5. You must paddle or pedal to the fishing location in a Kayak, Canoe or Paddleboard. You may Wade to fish but you must be "teethered" to you kayak at all times.
6. All fishing craft must be paddle or pedal powered, NO TROLLING MOTORS., NO SAIL CRAFT
7. No Mother ship trips! You must go to and from the fishing area under your own power. All fish must be caught in waters that you have legal access to. If it is owned and posted by an individual, a business, corporation or municipality, you must have permission to fish there from either the owner or the person in charge of the
property. Trespassing is not acceptable.
8. Fish must be photographed lying flat on an approved measuring device. The NCKFA prefers a Hawg style measuring board; however the NCKFA knows that some of the species may not fit on this style measuring device.
a. The nose of the fish must be at zero, the mouth closed and the tail pinched and as much as possible on the measuring device. If the mouth is gapping open and it appears to alter the measuring of the fish the NCKFA scoring board will make adjustments. We know that sometimes this may be difficult but in fairness to everyone this is the only way to effectively score fish in a photograph. Please have the fish facing to the left with belly down. Also, highlight your board and especially the butt end so we can see the nose at zero and the lines.
b. If some, any or all of the aforementioned photographing procedures are not met the NCKFA Scoring officials have the option to score the fish as they see fit.
c. If the fish is being held on the scoring device with any type of gripping device there will be a minimum of ΒΌ deduction. TIP: If you are using Grippers to hold fish in place take several pics with the Grippers, THEN TAKE SEVERAL WITHOUT and submit those.
9. Fish cannot be snagged or foul hooked. The same fish can only be scored once.
10. All ties go to whoever submits the fish first.
11. Live bait and artificial allowed.

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