June 20th at Tuckertown the NCKFA is having a winner take all Kayak Catfish Tourney. (We spoke with and emailed many members and while we do understand it is hard for some to get out on Father's Day weekend for others Midnight Madness has become a tradition that Father's and Son have been looking forward too all year and we wanted to keep it that way. Clearly we can not make everyone happy all the time but we did hear you and if you can not make it you will be missed. ) Note: you don't have to stay until the end as we can score your fish at anytime so that may be an option for some.
You MUST have a white light on your kayak for this event as you are fishing at night along with all the other required gear by law.
You must have your PFD on at all times for this and all NCKFA events.
No trolling motors allowed. Only human power allowed.
If you want to get there early and catch live bait that is allowed HOWEVER you must be back at the ramp and OUT OF THE KAYAK for the Captains Meeting which will begin at 5:50pm sharp!
We are proud to announce that Aaron Miller is once again going to donate a AWESOME REPLICA MOUNT of the winning fish! We will post pictures of last years winning mount soon.
We will also have trophies and other prizes for 1,2,3!!
You must catch the Catfish on rod and reel, and you can use any bait (chicken livers, live bait etc.) of course no
Entry fee will be 40.00 per angler and if you wish to fish in a tandem with your buddy it's 80.00 since you have two anglers in the kayak.
You do not need to register online, simply show up before 6pm the day off and pay on site.
We will have food there before the event starts and that is included in the entry fee.
The ramp is well lit and easy to fine once you use the google map.
It's the same place we had the NCKFA Catfish tourney last year.
It is any species of Catfish and there are some HUGE Flatheads in there so bring heavy duty tackle just in case.
You MUSt have a light on your kayak and if must be working as well as your PFD and a whistle.
Looking forward to a fun night on the water.
Please check website BEFORE you go to make sure we are still on as Thunder storms and bad weather can occur and we will let eveyone know asap if the event is postponed due to weather.
You can must bring the Catfish back to the ramp for scoring and if you want to donate it to the Church Fish Fry on Father's Day that is great , if not you can keep the fish or let it go and we will have someone at the scoring table at all times to score the fish and you can go back out if you want.
Here is the Google Map to where you are going: ... 1?hl=en-US

Safety NOTE:
We are all going to be fishing in the evenings and nights for those big ole catfish and evening and nights in the Summer also mean the chance of thunderstorms. I know as well as anyone that once you get all anchored up and lines out the last thing you want to hear is that BAM! sound and then a flash of light as you don't want to pull up anchor and get lines in etc. but as you know there are no fish worth your life. Your family as well as your NCKFA friends want you around so make sure you check the forecast and then once you get out there if things change and you hear those sounds or feel that cool wind hit you it is time to get out of there fast!

Midnight Madness is getting closer and we will be checking the weather and we want you all to check it too as well as this site and the NCKFA Facebook site as we will make a final call on the event around 3-4pm the day of in regards to weather conditions (Storms). You are required by law to have a noise making device on your water craft and we will use an Air Horn to alert you all of bad weather moving in and then everyone on the water will use your devices to signal others and GET OFF THE WATER if bad weather moves in. This will be covered in the brief Captains Meeting before event starts. The first year we had MIdnight Madness we had a storm roll through during registration and for the first 30-45 min. we all sat in the cars and trucks and waited until it past. We then and checked weather maps-radar and we went out and fished (Had the whole place to ourselves too and it was much cooler!).

Be Safe!

Note on the AWESOME 1st Place Prize:
Aaron Miller who is the owner of has agreed to produce a life size replica mount of the winning fish in a table mount format which means it is not simply a wall mount but will have a rocky habitat too!!!!!! Aaron will be on site to take pic's of the winning fish (regardless of size so this could be a HUGE mount!!).
This is something that you will be able to show off to family and friends for years to come and will also come with a nice name plate stating your name, 1st place and Midnight Madness Catfish 2014 Winner! ( You will still get the NCKFA trophy too)
Aaron and his wife also sell Kaku Kayaks and I will let Aaron tell us more about that,
"The kayak and paddle board shop is primarily my wife's as I have
the taxidermy and the guide service that I primarily do. We both still have full
time jobs still, which the good lord above have blessed us with.
Little on KaKu kayak that is USA made in Florida. They are roto molded and are built with a
lot of stability. They have currently come out with a 12 ft which I'm trying to get
my hands on a few .
They track true and the 14 & 12 are ready for a
rudder if wanted."
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